My name is Iris Rain, otherwise known as Rain La Flare, and I am the designer and creator of Dame La Flare LLC. Dame is a derivative of the word Madame, which is, "a title or form of address used of, or to, a French-speaking woman", or, "women in artistic or exotic occupations..". I created Dame as a means to bring back the elegance of women in power, along with the comfort and leisure in streetwear, more specifically being inspired by the last queen of France, Marie Antoinette.
During the time while i was making this collection i was victim to many psychological attacks, emotional warfare, and just felt trapped as a whole. Although, during this time i also had amazing opportunities. while i was embracing the pain i still felt beautiful, or at least tried to. even with all the open tabs in my brain and the constant distractions and overlapping of conversations and sensory overload, things still slightly made sense.
I want to take you on a journey through my mind, through my pain, and through my life experiences through my clothing, through my art, and creativity. I want to tell the story of DAME la Flare through time periods. She is Endless. She will reign. This story starts from a time where women were not quite capable of life changing power, but this is DAME la Flare's rise through the times.
Our protagonist eventually grows out of the limiting belief that human form is our only form, and that we aren’t meant for more. I want to make spiritually an aspect here too, i want to include angels and spiritual travel but towards the end of the collection, so it serves as a transition to the next collection, i want all my collections to feel cinematic, it has to feel like a storyline, i want it all to correlate.
DAME la Flare is a story of success, without the concept of time, just time periods, and how mental illness can affect every aspect of your life and not just how you perceive yourself or
others, but how you live,  breath, think, and express yourself.
This is the story of strong women no matter what point in history they are in. Women have strength that is unmatched, and such little outlets for pain. This is ESPECIALLY for strong mentally ill BLACK women that have had the expectation of being strong no matter the circumstances, even after being patronized constantly.